Where Have We Been

February 5, 2009

Yep…I know we promised we would never abandon this blog. Seems we did, sorry! we do have excuses, the Christmas rush was crazy our mailing sacks were so full Santa would of looked like a cheapscape in comparison. A bit of breathing space, a quick recovery and we were on for January Deal A Day..Phew!
The last couple of weeks have been consumed by designing and adding the final touches to our winter range and I have to warn you its all too cute for words. We have a brand new range of our much loved Birthday Tees coming and all I can say is wow! We have also gone up to a size 5 which is exciting.
We have also finally given in to a barage of pleading emails about Coco & Eli and gone into production to add a delicious range of Babygrows, nighties and bedding, we are expecting delivery by the end of March at the very latest.
Lastly we are doing some work on the website, not major changes but we have taken all the fab feedback on board and making some changes for the better. We can’t wait!
So thats it for now…keep on reading as we do have lots of blog entries to come over the coming weeks.


Itzbeen Too Long!

December 4, 2008

itzbeen_green_largeWe have to be honest our first thoughts on the newItzbeen Baby Care Monitor was this is crazy, whats the world coming to when we need an instrument to help us care for our newest additions. however the more we thought about it and learnt about the monitor it really did not seem like a crazy idea after all.

They say it take a tribe to raise a child and lets face it we all know parenting isn’t a one person job. The immediate benefits we can see for this monitor is the continuity it offers the baby, parents know when babes next feed is due, they know when the baby last had a pooey nappy, one parent can walk out the door and the other parent, granny or a babysitter can easily pick up where the last person left off.

Its the ideal tool for both the breastfed or bottle fed bub, it will even tell you what side the baby last fed from! The Itzabeen baby care monitor is available in three different colours (pink, blue & green) is small, lightweight, has a belt clip for easy portability and in our new and informed opinion absolutely genius! and at $39.95 we think its a bargain.

Super Cute Rubber Bath Ducks!

November 23, 2008


It would be safe to assume that we are just quackers about rubber ducks. These brand spanking new ducks from Elegant baby have just floated on down under and our shelves are stocked.

Unlike other brands Elegant Baby Rubber ducks are made from a softer rubber and are great for babes to have a good naw on in the bath. They float fantastically and at $9.95 they are a bargain!

Wall Candy Arts Seasons BAck In stock

November 13, 2008


It is with great excitement we let you know Wall Candy Arts Seasons are now back in stock……..Yay!.

The popularity of this product has been overwhelming and if we had a dollar for every desperate mum trying to get hold of these we would be on a holiday in the Bahamas right now.

So not only has the awesome Seasons arrived but an add on pack called Season Elements has also just landed. This hot little pack includes clouds and bugs galore and can be used to complement the Seasons tree or on its own.

Kathe Kruse Tortelini, Ikabab, Miau and All Other Crazy Friends In stock!

November 11, 2008

kathekruse_nov08Have a look at these! the worlds most adorable toy range ever…. just got even better, yay!

We know ….they just look way too good to be even slightly educational but these little treasures will have your little babe enthralled. With an amazing collection of colours, textures and styles the newKathe Kruse infant range is a sure thing to be a favourite in not just little peoples lives but yours as well.

We do warn you though, if you love them as much as we do get in fast. Stock is limited and once we are out of stock our Kathe Kruse shelves take forever to fill again due to the long trip from Germany .

Minimonkey Slings now available in Australia

November 10, 2008

monkey_slingsWe love slings, actually we are nuts about them but its now been over three years and we have really struggled to find the perfect one to stock. That is until Minimonkey Slings arrived on our shelves.

Don’t get us wrong Akak Pipik and Peanut Shell slings are great! we love them but there is something that Minimonkey has that the others don’t. Minimonky is one size fits all so mum, dad even grandad can wear it, it has an adjustable clasp that also has a safety feature that means it cannot come undone and is super safe. It has a padded shoulder strap for extra comfort and lastly it comes in a great array of plain fabrics so they won’t clash with whatever you are wearing!

Give them a try they are well worth the experience, but if you are a huge fan of the continuous loop fabric slings now is your chance to grab a bargain, we have very limited stock of Aka Pipik and Peanut Shell in our Sale section at below cost price but be quick!

Back on Our BPA Free High Horse!

October 28, 2008

Just when you thought we got of our soap box here we go again! If by now you have not heard about the BPA issue please read earlier in our blog or give it a google, generally its a good read and very informative.

After learning of the benefits of fab BPA Free Bottle Green to Grow, we went on a search for BPA free products for the toddler plus age group led us to possibley the most awesome products on the market today! Foogo and Funtainer two products bought to us from the iconic Thermos Brand. The ranges cover everything you could need in a transporatble food kind of way and look super smart and of course very hip!

As the whole concept is so new to us we thought we would give it a bit of a run on the hipsters. To say both the ranges have exceeded our expectations is an understatement!

The Pros: Food stays fresh as can be….. even 24 hours after its been cut up and placed in the food jars..yipee! the whole range is durable and really can handle being thrown around, all items are leak proof and they wash up a treat in the dishwasher, lastly everything stays cold.

Cons: We could only find one and its not a biggie but if little babes are straw drinkers as opposed to sippy cup drinkers the Foogo can be quite heavy and you will need to help out a little.

Beside that its an A+ for both the Foogo and Funtainer but get in quick as soon as we get stock it goes!

Photo Fun

October 13, 2008

No we have not taken drastic new methods to Advertise The Hip infant, we have just been having a bit of fun with this fab, fun and FREE website Photofunia give it a try!

Perfect For Hanging Around

October 13, 2008

Just when you thought Tiger tribe just could not get any better…… The Hip Infant has just received ourlatest addition of new tiger tribe mobiles and hanging strings and we think they are just Grrrreat!

Just incase you have not noticed we are absolutely obsessed with all things bird so it goes without saying the Hummingbird is definantly our favourite but we also think their latest Locomotive & Helicopters are also pretty cute.

Now just in case you are as bird obsessed as us we also advice you check out Coco & Eli muslin Wraps and The Hip Infant Love Tree Wall Graphics they make for very cute nursery decorator items.

Baby We’re Just Too Hip!

October 8, 2008

Last month The Hip infant was fortunate enough to have Fairfax do a profile on us for their business section in both the Sun-Herald and The Age. If you are struggling to read the full article above the head over to Essential Baby for the full story.

The article has generated much excitment, many emails and a zillion questions which is great. See below a few of my fave questions:

Did you reeeaaaallly start The Hip Infant with a credit card? I sure did, $12000.00 and many sleepless nights saw the conception of the Hip Infant. My husband is a software developer which helped enormously not only with things like general IT lingo but helped me in avoiding many costly mistakes which could of very well occurred given my lack of IT experience. I had assumed that a passion for surfing the net was enough to get started I was very wrong!

What did you do prior to The Hip Infant? it seems like a million years ago, my career started as a Paediatric nurse which I loved! however my first baby born in 1998, 10 weeks early and we experienced quite a ‘hell’ ride with him in hospital for 6 weeks and the usual preemie problems. I decided at this time the whole working with sick children was just too emotional and not for me now that I was a mother. Twelve months later I began working as a freelance set nurse and medical adviser on Tv & films a great job but soon after, number two son was on his way and the hours were just not compatible for a mum of two children. So it was from there that The Hip Infant was conceived.

You said in the article that you saw a gap in the market for hip baby goods, do you still think there is a gap?  ha ha certainly not, online baby stores have become the new black!The range of products for babies these days is just amazing. Even in the last 10 years since my first arrived I have seen huge changes, I cringe at the things I used to dress him in but really the options were just so limited at the time.  I think I need to change that gap in the market its just too cliche these days…shall have to think of something else.

How do you run a business with four children? if I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question i would be a seriously rich woman! so how do i do it? in all honesty its a huge juggle, it goes without saying that my children are my priority but the reality is they are the reason I am doing this so I could be a stay at home mother. My vision for what it would be like and the reality have turned out to be two very different things.

 You cannot have a successful business and only work every now and then, having my own business has been 10 times if not more the work than I thought it would be. There have been times when the children have been asked to give me 5 minutes while I write an email or be quite when I am on an important phone call. Saying that I do class reading, I am at home every morning and afternoon, I go to playgroup, I taxi them around to sports and friends and I am there for them all the time…the downside you have to make up the hours somewhere so I am awake all night arrrgggg!

That’s it for now…I shall update with more questions in the next week or so, meantime if you have any feel free to email me mel@thehipinfant.com.au